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Sarah is a lifelong creative that has taken her passion for color, texture and mixed media to the next level by mixing these things together for unique and colorfully happy designs.
Spending the first several decades of her adult life being uninspired by corporate America and an exhausting relationship, Sarah met back up with her soulmate from middle school and became re-inspired to create and spread the happiness she feels throughout her artwork and designs.
Sarah truly believes that it's never too late to start over or start something new because following your passion is what makes life worth living.  She also believes surrounding yourself with color and vibrant decor boosts your mood. You will see this newfound happiness and reignited passion in her works that include vibrant colors, textures, and fun patterns via both digital artworks as well as paintings.
Sarah's motto is that your space should make you smile and that's why Sarah Reynolds art design is about more than just wall art. Her happy vibes art is now also available on home decor, gifts, and wearables.
Sarah very happily lives in WA state with her new husband, a few of her kids, a dog, some chickens and her dwarf goats!  She loves finally being happy and in the beautiful PNW and this shines through in her art designs and messages of positivity and girl power.

Sarah loves so much that you stopped by and took a look around (maybe added some stuff to your cart so it won't get lonely) and truly hopes you can find something you love that will brighten up your space and make you smile when you see it or help you to give that original one of a kind gift to someone you love!

When you buy from Sarah Reynolds art designs you are supporting a small family business and we are so very appreciative!
My retired Army husband, me, and my youngest Ren!