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Painted pretty women's casual leggings

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Hey smart shopper, yes YOU

  • Do you love color and pretty things? 
  • Does your life need more unique, colorful vibes? 
  • Are you tired of being a lame gift-giver only to see your gifts end up in the garage sale bucket the next year? 

Our unique and colorful collection of stuff and things can fix all of this for you!

Color naturally induces positivity and warm happy feelings, it’s a fact so do yourself a favor and get some of of our super soft leggings to keep yourself comfortable with colorful, unique style! 

  • -95% Polyester brushed suede 5% Spandex
  • -Skinny fit
  • -Tagless design for a truly soft, seamless feel
  • -White thread color
  • -4 way stretch for extra freedom of movement
  • -1.5” waistband
  • -Crisp, vibrant, colorful print on all sides
  • -Hand wash or use delicate cycle
  • -Runs true to size (see size guide in product photos)

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